Ooo….The Choices For April Book Club Reads

I am a member of 42 Book Clubs on Goodreads. Ridiculous…I know. March isn’t over, so I’m sure this list is going to grow a little bit more! But so far these are my choices for Book Club Reads for April. Again, a majority of this list has some Mount TBR books, so good chance I might read more than 2 this month! Please, if you are on Goodreads, don’t be shy and join one or all of these groups. They are great, and the members have so much fun discussing books and introducing new ones. I love Book Clubs, and I hope to post more on Ambrosia Books about them. Okay!!! On to my list!

♥!The Young Adult Book Club!♥

Splintered by A.G. Howard *Mount TBR*

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NA Review: “Darkness Watching” by Emma L. Adams

This was my first NA novel. I’ve never read them, but I loved the concept of a genre where that I, being 25, can relate to these people who are learning about the “Adult” world for the first time. I was given this book by the author to review, so being the person that I am, I will be totally honest and filter-free!

We follow Ash as she leaves high school and begins university. In this time,a hidden world full of demons seems to reveal itself to Ash. Everywhere she goes, demons from this “Darkworld” is staring at her, but she fights to continue living a normal college student life. But day after day, Ash seems to find herself in danger when demons begin to attack her and she doesn’t know why. Who, or what, wants her dead? And what does this connection to the Darkworld really mean?

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More effective Mount TBR?

When I look at my Nook, I get depresed. For some odd reason, i keep adding books on here! Books on top of books onp top of books. I now have 460+ books on here. Granted that I have read some, but not enough to say i’ve made a dent. So what now? What now?!? How do i destroy my Mount TBR?!?!?

I really have sat down and thought about it. Whenever i look at my library, i fly through it. Sometimes i’m not in the mood for my older books and go straight to new releases. Plus, I’ve been sent ARCs and those have a time limit too. That makes my TBR list totally pointless. I’m even deciding to not even have a TBR list anymore *sigh*. There’s a lot of pressure to finish the list and I dont really like that feeling. I’ve only done 2 books off of it so far and the month is almost over. I really want to participate in my book clubs too…It makes me sad. But a majority of them are newer releases and i cant even touch my mount TBR. I just want to read what I want to read and not be limited because of challenges and lists and whatever, honestly.

So what am I going to do?

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March TBR

I’m going a little crazy this month, unfortunately. Book clubs are reading so many books on my TBR list, but if I read those, then I cant read books that havr been sitting on my shelf and on my Nook forever. I hate having to do what’s right sometimes. But I somehow have a bunch of books i’ve been anticipating to qualify in my Mount TBR challenge. So these are the books I am reading this month and some bonuses if I finish early!

Book club read
Throne of Glass *mount tbr*
Dash and lily’s

Darkness Watching

City of glass

Personal choice
The keeper

JEWEL OF THE SUN *mount tbr*

Evolution of mara dyer *book club read*
Of Poseidon *book club read*
WATERMELON *mount tbr*

YA Review: Urchin King by Katharina Gerlach

I give books 100 pages to grab me. Something needs to stand out. SOMETHING has to be there to make me want to read it even more. Especially since I was given this book to review, I really wanted to sit down, read it, and get in depth so I could give a really good review.

I couldn’t. I just COULDN’T with this book. By page 40, I was absolutely aggravated. By page 60, I was upset. By page 80, I was just pissed off. By page 93, I gave up on it. I made notes throughout this whole book so I could remember what I thought. Here’s how it went from page 1 to page 93 and why I did not like and won’t recommend this book. Continue reading

YA Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer


Another book completely hyped up! Come on, Booktube and Blogging world!

That’s what I wish I could say. I really didnt want to put up another glowing review, especially after “Step Back In Time” by Ali McNamara. I like diversity! And I really don’t want to look like i’m passing out good reviews.

I know how to rate books! I promise!

But just my luck that I find another book that made me read it cover to cover.

Just my friggin’ luck.

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Adult Fiction Review: “Step Back In Time” by Ali McNamara


This is the second time I’ve written this review. It seems like when I press “Save” it doesn’t really mean that nowadays…*sigh*

Nothing can compare to a witty Rom-Com chick lit. And it’s a shame to say that I haven’t read anything  by Ali McNamara until this one. I am lucky enough to be in a shitload of book clubs on Goodreads, and “Step Back In Time” was one of my February TBRs. I loved everything about this book. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to find a book that made me want to type the words “LOL”, I finally did and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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